The Inquisitor

Hospital routine and medical procedures rendered so realistically that the book evokes the smell of bleach and alcohol wipes.
-The Boston Globe

For me, the hospital thriller is the ultimate terror read...there have been rafts of novels that gave me medical nightmares, some of the best by Peter Clement, but The Inquisitor is in a class by itself.
-Margaret Cannon,
The Globe and Mail

Peter Clement brilliantly designs his newest medical thriller, The Inquisitor, to be both mystifying and suspenseful...a fast-paced thriller.
-Oklahoma Gazette

Hugely entertaining. The action never stops, and the suspense could kill you.
-Kingston Observer

Peter Clement has been writing medical thrillers for a number of years, utilizing his experience as a hospital emergency room physician to bring an edge-of-the-seat feeling to the events that he describes so succinctly and realistically. Clement does not pull any punches in his descriptions of his medical procedures, and his novels require our undivided attention. Always a good writer, he has polished his rough edges to the point where he is becoming an A-list thriller writer. His latest, THE INQUISITOR, featuring Dr. Earl Garnet, firmly ensconces his position there.

THE INQUISITOR opens with a terminally ill cancer patient being relentlessly questioned by a voice, whispering in the dark, asking her to describe what she sees during the final moments of her life. As the story unfolds Garnet begins to notice a pattern --- a cluster, if you will --- of deaths at St. Paul's Hospital, which leads him to suspect that someone on staff may be prematurely terminating the lives of patients. The hospital and its staff, already stressed by the SARS epidemic, is at a breaking point, and virtually everyone --- even trusted members of Garnet's own emergency room staff --- is a suspect. What Garnet does not suspect is that his investigation, initiated with the intention of protecting the innocent, is directly putting members of his staff at risk --- and his wife, pregnant with their second child, is ultimately in the greatest danger of all.

THE INQUISITOR is, quite frankly, impossible to put down. It is by far Clement's best work, a heart-racing thriller that leaves the reader guessing the identity, and motive, of a diabolical murderer until almost the very end.

For those readers heretofore unfamiliar with Clement, and Garnet, THE INQUISITOR will make true believers of them. Recommended.
-Joe Hartlaub

(The seventh in) Clement's enjoyable line of medical thrillers...the action moves briskly and without an overload of medical jargon...this entry keeps the author on an ascending trajectory in the genre.
-Publishers Weekly

Former ER physician and novelest Clement... now does his best work yet, building solid characters and the biggest US epidemic since the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918...Smashing ER scenes, code blues, and a masked staff in orange space suits underpin a page-turner plotted for heart. Well done, nearing Tess Gerritson's bone-chillers.
-Kirkus Reviews