"Bone chilling...a wonderful adventure story as well...After just a few pages of The Darkness Drops, I was checking my hands looking for Shakes. The book is electrifying! What would we do if what Peter describes actually happens?... I didn't want to go to bed, just wanted to keep on reading and reading and was sad when it ended. Peter Clement is an incredible writer...the Grisham of medical thrillers!"Cynthia Brian--The Oprah of the Airwaves--World Talk Radio. May 2012.

s is like a body without a soul" 
The Darkness Drops by Peter Clement

Dr. Terry Ryder is special advisor to the President on bioterror preparedness; he has spent a decade attempting to anticipate which microbes might be weaponized and unleashed. When patients begin to present with slight tremors and numbness in their limbs, it takes him a while to realize that this is an attack. The answers he seeks elude him, and dark episodes from his past appear connected to the mystery.  

My Thoughts: 

This is the first eBook that I received for review and I hope that I do it justice. 

I have read most of Peter Clement work, also my sister is a nurse and she loves reading books that are set in medical field. That is how I was introduced to his work. I have always found books that have mysterious illnesses and diseases very fascinating, they always keep you on the edge of your seat. 

This eBook was very well written and it is flows nicely. Even though the story is told from many different points of views and it is not confusing. Sometimes I find books that are told from many points of view to be very confusing and it takes me a while to get back into the story. But with this book it was not so, there was a smooth transition from character to character. The storyline is very well written and developed, and very interesting. As I already mentioned the main plot of this story is the outbreak of unknown disease and the struggle to find out what it is and what or who is causing it. Book is action packed, mysterious, unknown diseases, possible bio-weapons, military, possible terrorist attack, friendship and touch of romance. Most of the characters are likeable and you root for them, but like every book there are those that you dislike as well. But the book would not be a book without a bad guy. Also characters are well written and there was a constant growth of characters. Book was never boring, it kept me on the edge of my seat the hole time. I read one or two chapters each evening, and each time when I would finish a chapter I did not want to stop reading. 

Overall this was a very thrilling book, it was full of mystery, unknown diseases, and much more. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read, medical mysteries, thrillers, or just mysteries; you will enjoy it. Happy reading. 

I give this book 4 STARS out of 5 STARS.

 Great book., October 9, 2013
By Audrey Klock - 
This review is from: The Darkness Drops (Kindle Edition)
Really enjoyed this book. It moved along at a good pace. It is the kind of book you cannot put down, and I read it in just over a day. I am looking forward to reading more by this author.

 AWESOME!, October 6, 2013
By Diversity - 
This review is from: The Darkness Drops (Kindle Edition)
THE DARKNESS DROPS was literally like watching "James Bond and Mission Impossible" combined without the gadgets! The author used unique imagery and meticulously chosen, vivid language to explain terrorist jargon and complex medical procedures. Not only could I, a layman in both cases, understand and follow the plot, I was totally engrossed in this roller coaster ride that was constantly building suspense and excitement that left me breathless with anticipation and anxiety at each turn. The characters were many but well defined. The major character,Terry Ryder, led a double life as Chief Advisor on Bioterror and Homeland Security and as a renown medical doctor. The ride takes off when the crew on a huge naval ship become mysteriously ill and violent and threaten to run its ship into a large, inhabited Hawaiian island. It turns out that the entire crew of over 3,000 have been infected with a deadly, contagious, unknown organism. I don't want to give away too much of the plot. You must take this nail-biting, fantastic ride yourself. A ride that involves chemical/germ warfare, not unlike what is happening in the news today; political intrigue and clandestine activities by real past presidents and world leaders and fictitious ones as well; and strong love among families and the sacrifices they made. The maze is incredible. The characters are real. The situation is believably frightening. The question is: What could happen to prevent World War III if a project to discover treatments and antidotes for unknown germs fell into the wrong hands?
(This book would make a thrilling movie!)

 Great read for lovers of Medical Thrillers, August 1, 2011
This review is from: The Darkness Drops (Kindle Edition)
I could not put this one down. Its one of those page turners that puts you in the story and makes you look over your shoulder when you hear the slightest noise. I am a fan of Peter Clement and his medical thrillers. Never disappointed in his ability to create believable characters and intense stories. This one may be the best ever with a believable post 911 bio-terror theme. The story gives a reason behind the attacks on our country by terrorists who used Anthrax and Serin. These terrorists rare back now and the attack is plausible. You will think the attack on beautiful Hawaii really happened and find yourself googling it to see. Not for the squeamish reader as Peter likes to scare us with scenes right out of your worst nightmare. I also liked how he was able to get into the heads of the terrorists and takes us to exotic locales. The descriptions are awesome and the science behind the epidemic spot on. Loved it and hope you will too.

 Must read fast moving thriller, May 13, 2011
By DeWolfe - 
This review is from: The Darkness Drops (Kindle Edition)
The story starts where I live, in Hawaii, actually on Oahu and just down the street. I am guessing it is unlikely that you pick up a book and it starts more or less in your front yard. Given that start, the bad guy in this story is a virus and the story is essentially a run away epidemic. Guess what, I'm an epidemiologist. So I'm into this maybe a little more the average reader because I am not just reading this very fast-moving story (this is a fast-moving epidemic). I am trying to anticipant 1) if I can figure out this epidemic before another page turns, and 2) how far is the author going to stretch the facts of infectious disease epidemiology. Well, I did figure out what was causing the epidemic and why it was moving so fast but it was not until I had almost finished the book. The creativity of the author to image how this could happen and stay within the bounds of reality was amazing. The authenticity of the epidemic is real, which, I have to say, is a little bit disconcerting. The main character was not unlike other epidemiologists when they are caught up in the middle of a real outbreak. These people can be very driven and nobody is getting any sleep. The story does not stay in Hawaii, and there is a cast of characters that would make this book into a really good on-screen nail-biter.

This review is from: The Darkness Drops (Kindle Edition)
The Darkness Dropsthe best of ALL his books and better than most other writers in this genre. Not the simple medical thriller but also political and international. Better than Palmer, Reichs, Cook... totally RIVETING. Could not put it down. I asked for a kindle for Christmas simply because this book was only available in e book format at the time.

 A Must Read Thriller, August 21, 2010
This review is from: The Darkness Drops (Kindle Edition)
The Darkness Drops 

This is a rich and complex novel, which catapults the reader into the fascinating world of Dr. Terry Ryder, Chief Advisor for Bioterror Preparedness, and his encounters with the Chinese bioweapons program and international high-tech arms dealers. This is a fast-paced thriller, a love story, and a frighteningly plausible projection of how quickly an unknown illness can overwhelm existing medical resources. Peter Clement writes with his usual authority and conviction about medical matters, and represents, in his engaging protagonist, a potent mixture of compassion and ruthlessness in response to the situation. The contrasting female characters are especially original and compelling. This ambitious narrative depicting individuals caught in a tide of unintended consequences which lead to disaster on a global scale is intricate, visually powerful, and prescient. A hugely entertaining read.

 Great Book!, August 3, 2010
This review is from: The Darkness Drops (Kindle Edition)
The Darkness Drops takes you into the world of Dr. Terry Ryder, a special advisor to the President of the United States on bioterror preparedness. As the story begins he is quickly confronted with patients who are presenting with slight tremors and numbness in their limbs. It doesn't take long before it becomes apparent this is a biological attack. Although fictional, this is a story that is not outside the realm of possibility, which is what makes it a very thought provoking medical thriller. 

From the exciting opening chapter right though to the last pages, this book takes you on a fascinating journey to uncover what and who has caused the attack. Fast-paced with flawless plotting and pacing it is hugely entertaining. The action moves quickly and the events are described concisely and convincingly. Filled with rich characterizations, you come to really care for the characters, particularly the two intriguing Russian doctors, Anna and Juri, and their unconventional love story.

It is a book that will hold your attention from start to finish and I highly recommend it.

 A Great Medical Thriller, August 4, 2010
This review is from: The Darkness Drops (Kindle Edition)
I loved The Darkness Drops. It grabbed me from the first chapter and I couldn't put it down. It is an intelligently written book, well researched, and very believable. 

It's full of action and mystery but it is also very much a character-driven story. The characters come to life quickly and I found myself really caring about them. 

Knowing that there are deadly diseases all around us highlighted by the authority in which the author writes about a biological attack, will keep you thinking about this book and its subject matter long after you finish reading it. 

 Praise For Peter Clement, August 21, 2010
By The 
Publisher - This review is from: The Darkness Drops (Kindle Edition) 


For me, the hospital thriller is the ultimate terror read...there have been rafts of novels that gave me medical nightmares, some of the best by Peter Clement, but The Inquisitor is in a class by itself. 
-Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

Peter Clement brilliantly designs his newest medical thriller, The Inquisitor, to be both mystifying and suspenseful...a fast-paced thriller. 
-Oklahoma Gazette 

Hugely entertaining. The action never stops, and the suspense could kill you. 
-Kingston Observer 

The Inquisitor is, quite frankly, impossible to put down. It is by far Clement's best work, a heart-racing thriller that leaves the reader guessing the identity, and motive, of a diabolical murderer until almost the very end. -Joe Hartlaub [...] 

(The seventh in) Clement's enjoyable line of medical thrillers...the action moves briskly and without an overload of medical jargon...this entry keeps the author on an ascending trajectory in the genre. 
-Publishers Weekly 

Former ER physician and novelest Clement... now does his best work yet, building solid characters and the biggest US epidemic since the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918...Smashing ER scenes, code blues, and a masked staff in orange space suits underpin a page-turner plotted for heart. Well done, nearing Tess Gerritson's bone-chillers. 
-Kirkus Reviews 


Peter Clement's Mortal Remains is furiously paced and intricately plotted. I really cared about these characters and what happens to them. There is no higher praise I can give to anyone's writing." 

Written with impressive authority, Peter Clement's medical thriller Mortal Remains is tautly plotted and packed with panache. 


Clement's twenty years as an emergency physician and family doctor result in novels of stunning suspense grounded by an insider's view of medical science. 
The Toronto Star 


Steeped in the thriller traditions of John Saul, Dean Koontz, and Stephen King: pulse-quickening action, a sub-plot of good versus evil, smatterings of blood here and there and a hero's race against certain disaster. 
Doctors Review 


More than a piece of compelling fiction, The Procedure is a cautionary tale . . . An exciting and original story, well told. 


"A classic medical thriller... The reader is immediately caught up in the tension of the hospital as a killer stalks its corridors." 
-- The Mystery Reader 

"Clement's own background as a physician comes across in his use of technical terminology and ability to capture hospital politics, which adds up to terror." 
-- Publishers Weekly 

"Death Rounds will leave you flipping pages in the wee hours." 
-- MLB News 


ER meets Agatha Christie as Buffalo doctor Earl Garnet is suspected of murder via a cardiac needle. Heart-pounding suspense, indeed! 
Entertainment Weekly 

And now Peter Clement gives us THE DARKNESS DROPS, his most extraordinarily ambitious novel yet. Superb story telling, the characters easy to love, the plot furiously paced and complex, this is the work of a wonderful writer reaching for the stars. Thriller fans, you are in for a wild treat.