Death Rounds


When a nurse in Buffalo dies at St. Paul's Hospital of a once-treatable bacteria, Dr. Earl Garnet and his colleagues try to remain calm. They track the origin of the sickness to University Hospital. But as the infection rages out of control there and more people fall gravely ill--including Garnet's own wife--Earl uncovers a shocking connection between the victims.


Throughout the community, panic and paranoia spread as wildly as the outbreak itself, and the entire University Hospital staff is quarantined. Yet the mastermind who created this deadly superresistant strain may be someone they know, someone locked within the barricades. Now the sociopath has threatened to infect fifty more people. And that will be only the beginning. . . .


No one captures the complex workings of an urban hospital like former ER physician Dr. Peter Clement. His new medical thriller ranges from the realm of microbiology to raw, human rage--in a plot so chillingly authentic it could be happening right now. . .