Mortal Remains

"Suspense Sizzles--gripping conclusion will leave readers anticipating another installment."
--American News
Aberdeen, South Dakota

"Top-notch, mesmerizing medical thriller--carefully plotted; adroitly shifting viewpoints. Clement builds the tension to a fever pitch, offering fine pulse pounding literary escapism."
--Lansing State Journal

"A page-turner, with all kinds of skullduggery--If you like thrills in your medical mysteries, this is a yarn for you."
--Boca Raton/Delray Beach News

"Written with impressive authority, Peter Clement's medical thriller Mortal Remains is tautly plotted and packed with panache."
-- John Case

"Peter Clement's Mortal Remains is furiously paced and intricately plotted. I really cared about these characters and what happens to them. There is no higher praise I can give to anyone's writing."
-- Michael Palmer

"This is medical suspense...lots of doctor talk...a compelling read [for those] hot on hospitals and healers."
--Publishers Weekly

"Everything in MORTAL REMAINS is just about perfect, from the quiet creepiness of the opening paragraphs as a rural county sheriff and physician-coroner make a grisly underwater discovery that solves a decades-old disappearance and opens a murder investigation, to the closing chapters, wherein Clement sets the reader chasing along multiple plot lines in races against death. [His] plotting and pacing are absolutely first-rate, and [he] has become too good a writer to be known only to a limited audience. If you haven't read Clement before, jump on MORTAL REMAINS now."
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"A forensics-laced murder mystery...Suspense sizzles...And the gripping conclusion will leave readers eagerly anticipating another installment."
--The Philadelphia Inquirer

"If you like the fast moving storylines of the television shows 'E.R.,' 'Without A Trace,' or 'Law and Order,' you will enjoy reading 'Mortal Remains,' the new medical thriller from Peter Clement...this talented author...treats his readers to a dizzying, thrilling story of deceit, lust, and crime."
--Wichita Falls, TX Times Record News

"Clement sets pulses racing in latest medical mystery...Places him at the head of the medical mystery class."
--The Ottawa Citizen

"M.D. author turns out yet another classic thriller...Few authors can replicate hospital life so authentically...Pungent...Head of the (genre's) class."
--The Montreal Gazette